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Harnessing Hashtags!

Tweeting or Instagram(ming) some brand new company or product news via social media seems simple enough, but did you know that adding targeted hashtags to your post can bring in more traffic and possibly more customer sales? They can! A hashtag allows your content to be categorised and discoverable on a large scale.

If you Tweet: “Watching Super Bowl 50 with family at TGI Fridays in Seattle!” Nothing in the Tweet is searchable, but will be seen by your followers, and if it is retweeted, then their followers will see it. Now if you were to Tweet: “Watching #SuperBowl50 with family at #TGIFridays in Seattle!” Within that tweet you have two key hashtags, assuming those are the correct keywords for that event and venue. Making up hashtags often doesn’t work as it can limit the amount of people that will see it. But many major events will create a hashtag for an event, or specific locations will be frequently used.

What we can do for you at Social Media Guru is look at your company and brand and pinpoint when you should tweet, how often and the hashtags you should use. Take for example the recent work we did with BPI. We helped them create a database of all official Twitter and Instagram accounts for athletes likely to be photographed by BPI as well as hashtags and search criteria commonly used. We also monitor the success of their tweets and provide feedback so they can better target their audience.

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