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BackPage Images Case Study

We recently helped London Based Sports Photography Agency with a major rebrand from BackPage Images to BPI. When Managing Director Javier Garcia approached me wanting to change the way people look at his agency without losing the identity of what makes it such a unique agency I felt that one way to go about it was to shorten the name. Seems simple… the thought behind the name BackPage Images is that sports images in newspapers in the United Kingdom feature on the back page and feature in a prominent fashion. But Javier wanted to show that BPI was more than sports, his photographers could cover a wide variety of subject and still bring a unique look that sets BPI apart from the competitors.

Javier Garcia said, “I want people to look at our photos and know that it’s a BPI photo, whether it be sports, news, or commercial job.”

Social Media was also another area in which BPI needed to make strides in. Many of the organisations that BPI work with harness Twitter and Instagram to showcase their unique work. Each photographer is asked to Tweet a selection of their very best images at the end of a game or make a unique Instagram post.

Here are two examples:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 20.39.00

The use of Social Media by photographers allow them and the company they work for to build up a unique online portfolio that can be seen worldwide. I am confident that the rebrand of BPI doesn’t alter how people see the work done by Javier and his photographers, but it allows the BPI team work in a broader scope of photography.

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